Flexible LED

Flexible LED

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We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Flexible LED, which exhibits a curved design convenient for convex/ concave circle shaping. With latest innovation, MG5 boasts of new improvements in the techniques such as dissipation of heat, viewing angle, waterproofing and flatness. Flexible LED is unique design in the direction of achieving market standardization as well as generalization. Featuring standard cabinet of 500x500mm, the indoor cabinets weigh only 5.8kg making it suitable for twelve different models including indoor series P3.9, P4.46, P5.2, P6.25, P7.8, P8.9, P10.4 and outdoor series P6.25, P7.8, P8.9, P10.4, and P15.6.


  • High strength
  • Unique structure
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Available in various models