P6 Outdoor Full Colour LED Advertising Display Boa

P6 Outdoor Full Colour LED Advertising Display Boa

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Minimum Order Quantity10 Square Feet
ApplicationMarriages, Function etc
Body MaterialStainless Steel,Metal

One key thing about having a LED video screen that you should remember is that you’ll also require video production gear to record the function i.e. switchers, cameras etc. as well as the technical staff needed to run it.

You can use the screen as a billboard for playbacks for DVDs or videos during the break when required. You can also use it for advertisement, keynote or PowerPoint presentation for the speaker.

In summary, Led Screen can be used to add value to fans experience enhance the atmosphere, offer promotional entertainment opportunities between acts as well as offering broadcast and full event production solution. Additionally, you can use flown or mobile LED screens for stage sides especially in cases of large crowds.